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New Letter Found!

Capt. Jacob Milligan sent this letter to President George Washington from Phil PA Aug-3-1791


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Halsey Map of Early Charleston SCThe Life and Family of

Captain Jacob Milligan - American Patriot 

1747 - 1796

New - Notes on Geo Washington Visit to Charleston in 1791

Note: Captain Jacob Milligan was one of the 12 "Ship Captains" who rowed Washington across the bay and escorted him to the Exchange.                               

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Early Map of Charleston SC


New Information Coming!

Cousins Beth Weems and Bonnie Schmidt have done considerable research including a trip to Charleston SC and have uncovered some interesting information. 

They have provided info that indicates that William Milligan born about 1780, who married Catherine McKenzie, may not actually be the child of Jacob Milligan but instead a close relative.   Sleuthing is ongoing, stay tuned for more info.


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