The Jacob Milligan Story

2018-2019 Research by Cousins

Bonnie Schmidt and Beth Weems

of Florida


If you are related to our family, please contact us.  We would like to hear from you and if you wish, add your family info 
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In 2018 these lovely ladies,  kith and kin of the Clan Milligan, spent their free time researching our line and that included a trip to Charleston SC!   They have uncovered a good deal of information, and some of it may be disturbing to you.

The information is regarding the parents of  our William Milligan, born around 1780 and his wife Catherine McKenzie of Charleston, SC, our common ancestors.   Family lore has taught us that William is the son of Captain Jacob Milligan.  However, no actual link has been verified.

Attached is a letter from Bonnie, detailing what they have found, and additional information you will find helpful to record.   Please do follow up on their work, as we would all like to know exactly what the relationship is.  Any finds, please contact us!

The Letter - Read this first!


Jacob Marries Mary          1782 Chas. City                 1790 Chas Streets       1790 Chas Census for John Milligan

Milligan Brinewood           Directory                                                                 




01-22-1790                           06-24-1790                          06-23-1791 Gov Chas Pinkney    10-17-1794 Jacob Millian advertise

Jacob in prison                  SC State Gazette                and 30 others sign for J. Milligan  for Orphan House opening

                                             J. Milligan fined


1790's Orphan House Records PDF




09-21-1795 John Phenix        1843 William Milligan obit

 Milligan Adv

Notes from Beth (02-21-19):

What we have proven through church records, court records and orphan house records are the following:

1.  Kennedy MíKenzie and Ann Mylley are the parents of Catherine MíKenzie.

2.  We have church marriage records for Kennedy and Ann as well as William and Catherine.

3.  We have legal records of Ann showing William as son in law. 

4. We have church burial records for all.  

5. We have the orphan house records showing William being admitted to orphan house by mother, Elizabeth and witnessed by Jacob Milligan.  

6. We have orphan house records of Jacob admitting his step son (Brinewood) to orphan house.

We have many more records.   The records do prove that Jacob is not the father of William. 


Let the research continue!


Cramer Records

10-1791 Elizabeth Cramer requests liquor license

1838 Release of claim Unity Alley MacKenzie & Cramer to Emory

1838 Release full view


McKenzie Records

1800 Cap't John McKenzie dead, clothing sale

08-01-1800 Cap't John McKenzie debts adv

02-1800 Catherine named executor for Cap't John McKenzie

1811 MacKenzie conveyance - shows Catherine's parents

07-10-1826 Capt Jonathan Emery obit

1834 Eliz MacKenzie will codicil

1836 Eliz MacKenzie conveyance

1838 Eliz MacKenzie obit

1838 Eliz MacKenzie will proved

02-18-1862 Eliz Emery obit


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